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There are lots of females who smoke cigarettes during their live cam broadcasts and you can jerk off to them while they puff away.

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Why do you want to find some cam models who smoke cigarettes? Do you smoke too and love to watch women smoke while you are puffing on a cig? Are you a former smoker who craves some nicotine who likes to live vicariously through smoking webcam models?

Here are a few really sexy cigarette smokers who puff away while they are broadcasting a live NUDE show!

If you are into busty blondes who have hot bodies and some really sexy tattoos then you might enjoy watching Dee Waters. She lays on cam using a fuck machine to pound her pussy and ass with a big cock attachent, squirting over and over and over again as she fucks herself to orgasm after orgasm. Dee smokes cigs randomly throughout her nude shows and you can watch her blow clouds out of her super sexy lips while you stroke off to her.

Another cam girl who smokes is HaileyGRX and she is smokin' hot too! She has big natural tits that she flashes all the time, and her underboob is a site to behold. Hailey has brown hair and dark eyes to go along with a bodacious body that has dangerous curves in every direction. She smokes the long 100s during her nude cam shows so if you wanna smoke and jerk off with another smoker go catch one of her live broadcasts, you won't be dissappointed!

Lisa2018 is a cig smoker and also a squirter too so she can be a really fun model to watch if you are into naked women smoking cigarettes. There is something about a sexy nude woman who has a cigarette pressed between her lips that really gets a lot of guys turned on and ready to jack off furiously. So if you wanna see clouds of smoke, some really nice tits, and a suiqrting pussy then Lisa is the cam girl you need to check out.

This next model Uindi loves her some nicotine and has some videos in her profile like "smoking cig and cum" and "smoking cig topless with glasses" so she is a virtual goldmine if you are looking for an exotic beauty who smokes cigs. She has dark hair and really pretty eyes to go along with her perky tits. Uindi also looks really sexy with a cig in her mouth sucking down smoke while she also sucks on dildos and various ssex toys. She also has butt plugs, a fuck machine, and nipple clamps available to use when she is online getting naked and helping all her fans get off along with her.

If you have a thing for cute Asian girls then this model from Japan who smokes might be who you need to see. She has dark hair and eyes, full sexy lips that wrap around a cig nicely, and some great legs with some nice feet attached to them. Her face is as cute as a button and her small tits are perfect for her build so if Asians really turn you on then this might be the girl of your dreams. Don't miss out go watch her live cam shows and see her spark up a cig while she flashes her titties!


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